“Jeuje” (or ‘zhoozh’) verb
May be defined as: to make more lively, interesting,
stylish or appealing through a small change or addition.


We think something beautiful – and oh so chic – happens when a third generation Southern Californian and a New England Yankee team up -- first as friends and then as business partners. We have said we are a perfect blend of West Coast edge meets East Coast sophistication – and Jeuje was built by the “family we chose” -- with the two of us sharing a friendship of over 20 years. 

We are very excited to introduce you to Jeuje….but first, just a little bit about us.  Kelly Hancock is a native Southern Californian – while Lisa Cowell Shams is pure New England Yankee.  Different Coasts, different career paths – one happy accident of meeting one another and a friendship was born.  The company came later – but it was as organic as our friendship.

The coasts might have been different, but we were both those girls who loved to dream and create -- so it isn't a surprise that as women styling our own looks become a bit of fun as well as a statement of personal identity.  And who doesn’t love all things accessory?   Handbags, hats, footwear, eyewear, jewelry – everything meant to give wardrobe staples life and personality.  What we don’t love is when this season’s “It” bag is well on the way to being next season’s “tired” bag before you ever buy it…and to add insult, it seems that everyone carries the same style, the same shoe, the same look. Not cool.

Jeuje was born from a simple idea.  We refused to invest in yet another black handbag, and instead decided to transform the accessories we already own into statement pieces to reflect our personalities, our mood.  We designed, we sourced, we created. 

Jeuje was created for us, but as it turns out, people get it – and we were stopped on the (literal) streets by women (and men) asking us where to get these pieces to “jeuje up” their wardrobes.  

In the mood for classic? Pearls may answer the call.  Feeling edgy? A dash of Tiger’s Eye might suit.  Romantic?  Pink Quartz and a Gold Strap….Layer them, wear them alone, do something unexpected.  After all, you are multi-dimensional…your fashion accessories should be as complex and interesting as you are!

 And while Jeuje adornments ooze with personality, playfulness and chic, the construction and functionality of them is taken very seriously – because while beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, quality never compromises.  The gemstones are natural, the pearls are Majorica and the crafting happens here in California. 

Remember, true style is always authentic to the wearer, it is never “one look suits all.”  Most of all, style is….personal

Welcome to Jeuje!   


Kelly + Lisa

Your Accessory + Jeuje = The Art of the Accessory….