The Festival Wristlet

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Natural Gemstone: Black Agate

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So many options with one little stylish accessory -- The Festival Wristlet is your new favorite go-to piece.  Make any phone case functional as well as fabulous by adding these handcrafted in California natural gemstone wristlets to any existing hardware on your phone case.  Or simply attach the ring (included) and use a key chain -- and even on its fashionable own, adorn your wrist as a bracelet.

Life Styling

At our core, Jeuje was created to give you access to the beautiful tools and the freedom to curate your daily look to suit your mood, your occasion. We like to mix things up – a crossbody in turquoise looks effortless, yet oh-so-chic, coupled with spurs in white pearl.  But maybe you prefer to keep it all classic? Your Jeuje, your decision. After all, you are your own best stylist!

Effortless Luxury

Today’s luxury isn't about rules is relaxed and approachable.  With one little addition, your own style shines. A hat band in tiger's eye, spurs in grey pearls…or even wrapping your Jeuje around your wrist…all designed to give you the tools to showcase your personality.  The quality is exquisite, the looks are endless…how do you Jeuje? 

Daily Life Made More Beautiful

Two friends sharing a special moment is something truly beautiful  – each are together, but both are uniquely themselves. The heart and soul of Jeuje is the ability to freely express our fashionable selves in ways that are true to who we are and how we are feeling.  Some days call for the romance of pearls, others for bold hematite…for every day, there is a Jeuje for you.