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The Spurs

The Spur

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The Spur (aka the Not-So-Urban Legend)

Already famous for your fashionable footwear?  Elevate your look even high by fashioning your own personalized “Spurs.”  The Jeuje Spur is fabulous on most boots, booties, sneakers and high-tops.  Choose your size, your stone and either a silver or gold-toned 7 mm chain.  John Wayne may have been the ultimate silver screen cowboy….but with all respect to the Duke, his spurs have nothing on ours!

Image of a woman sitting next to a lavender plant wearing the lapis hat band, dark grey classic strap as a bracelet, dark grey pearls spurs with a white pearl classic strap on a handbag

Mix it up

Who says you can't mix your metals and gemstones? Life isn't matchy-matchy and your look should reflect all the vibrancy and texture of wonderful you! Go ahead - introduce Gold to SIlver and Tiger's Eye to Hematite and Pearls.....we bet they all get along just fine!

Friendship, plain and simple.

Two friends joined forces to create Jeuje and that relationship will always be the building block that made a dream come true. Joining forces feuls creativity, inspries daring and makes every moment shared a special one. Go ahead....Dream your Dreams....and do it with your friends. Trust us, life is better that way. xo

Image of two girls sitting with their hands crossed together wearing the turquoise crossbody, the white pearl hat band, white pearl crossbody and white pearl spurs