Hat band, wristlet and spurs shown in Turquoise 14mm

The Art of the Accessory

Dark Grey Pearl 50" crossbody, white pearl classic strap turquoise classic strap,

Every Handbag Makes A Statement...What's Yours?

The Founders

Something beautiful – and oh so chic – happens with a third generation Southern Californian and a New England Yankee team up, first as friends and then, as business partners. They bring the perfect blend of West Coast edge and East Coast sophistication – and an ingrained perspective that fashion is never “one look suits all.”  Fashion is personal, playful, chic and always evolving.  Like their clients, they love to take the basics and make them unique…by giving them a Jeuje!

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Jeuje definition - (zhoozh) verb to make more lively, interesting, stylish or appealing through a small change or addition

The Art of the Accessory: It Begins with California Craftsmanship

Inspiration is drawn from deep in Mother Earth and from the bottom of the Sea.  The loveliest of nature’s gemstones from around the globe along with fine Majorica pearls are then meticulously crafted by hand here in Los Angeles into accessories and adornments which reflect the beauty, dimension, and mood of the wearer. 

Women-owned, California-crafted, Materials Curated from across the Globe….Jeuje truly is The Art of the Accessory. 

About us

Photo of Kelly and Lisa

Our Message To You

We love fashion – and we love accessories. 

Handbags, footwear, hats, jewelry, eyewear (whether sun or reading!), even phone cases….these help reflect our personality, our mood or the occasion.  We founded Jeuje to allow you to take the accessories you already own and…with a little “jeujing up” …make them uniquely your own. 

In the mood for classic? Pearls may answer the call.  Feeling edgy? A dash of Tiger’s Eye might suit.  Romantic?  Pink Quartz and a Gold Strap….Layer them, wear them alone, do something unexpected.  After all, you are multi-dimensional…your fashion accessories should be as complex and interesting as you are!

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Where Style Comes To Play!

Jeuje’s unique pieces personalize already gorgeous handbags, boots, booties, hightops, phone crossbodies, hats, and eyewear into individual works of accessory art that compliment and enhance the owner’s one-of-a-kind style.  One small change can make all the difference.

 The Purely Custom Piece

 While every Jeuje adornment is handcrafted for its owner, sometimes only the truly unique will do.  Our creative team will gladly work with clients to design a fully personalized piece – from the mix of materials, gemstones and pearls – to custom lengths – to whatever the heart desires. 

We are excited to create alongside you!  Email us at info@jeu-je.com.

image with white pearl classic strap, crossbody, spurs, wristlet, hat band

Quality? But, of Course...!

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but quality never compromises.

 Jeuje is women-owned and Los Angeles based.  We call Jeuje “The Art of the Accessory” because all of our statement
pieces are handcrafted here in Los Angeles of beautiful natural gemstones and Majorica pearls sourced from around the world.  Our pieces are then finished with the highest caliber clasps and findings. 

We guarantee the workmanship…. and as our further commitment to you, we ship these little pieces of art to you….free of charge

multiple strands of beads and pearls, garnet, turquoise, multi-colored pears, aqua-marine

The Story of Gemstones and Pearls

Everyone has their own style and story - and going back to ancient times we have attributed certain gemstones with personalities of their own. Similarly, pearl types and colors are often associated with occasions or qualities.  Whether you are looking for a gift that suits a recipient or simply curious, we wanted to share some of these special traits with you.

Jeuje:  How We Got Here

Jeuje: How We Got Here

We think something beautiful – and oh so chic – happens when a third generation Southern Californian and a New England Yankee team up -- first as friends and then...